Scarlett Johansson Cast in ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Scarlett Johansson has officially signed onto the live action adaption of the very popular anime ‘Ghose in the Shell’.

Currently the film is in development with ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ director, Rupert Sanders tapped to helm the feature. The film is also being produced by Avi Arad, famous for producing the Spider-Man films, and Steven Paul. The film has yet to be green lit by DreamWorks but this news is sure to speed the process up a bit. Paramount also has the option to come on as a co-producer which now seems like a likely thing to happen.

Action films seem to be Johansson’s strong suit considering her massive success playing the Black Widow in Disney’s Marvel films and in last years breakout movie, ‘Lucy’ which made nearly $400 million world wide.

‘Ghost in the Shell’ is currently in development and stars Scarlett Johansson. The film is directed by Rupert Sanders.


3 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Cast in ‘Ghost in the Shell’”

  1. I LOVED Ghost in the Shell and I think Scarlett has done a pretty fantastic job at her recent rolls. I really hope they do a great job with this movie.


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