Jennifer Lawrence Joins James Cameron Produced ‘The Dive’

Jennifer Lawrence is set to re-team with ‘Catching Fire’ director Francis Lawrence in ‘The Dive’ which is being produced by James Cameron.

Based on the true story of Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and Audrey Mestre who tried to dive as deep as they could in the ocean on a single breath. Audrey Mestre, who Lawrence is playing, died in her attempt to break her world record of diving to 557.7 feet. Her husband’s dive to that same depth would be captured by James Cameron.

James Cameron, who has taken an interest in the ocean ever since the release of ‘Titanic’, originally planned to direct the film but since then he has turned his attention toward other projects like the ‘Avatar’ franchise.

‘The Dive’ is currently in development and stars Jennifer Lawrence. The film is directed by Francis Lawrence.


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