One Dead, Two Injured on the Set of Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

One Taiwanese construction worker was killed and two others injured when scaffolding collapsed on the set of Martin Scorsese’s newest film ‘Silence’.

According to the Taipei City Construction Management Office, the incident occurred on Thursday around 10 am (Local Time). Temporary wooden scaffolding collapsed at the Chinese Culture and Movie Center where Scorsese’s film is in pre-production and will begin shooting very soon.

Currently the severity of the two construction workers’ injuries are unknown. When the construction worker who was killed in the accident arrived at the hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

In a statement first reported by Deadline, a spokesperson for the film released this written statement:

“Today there was an unfortunate accident at CMPC Studios in Taiwan, where the Martin Scorsese film, Silence, is in pre-production. An existing structure on the CMPC backlot had been deemed unsafe by the production, and accordingly a 3rd-party contractor was hired to reinforce and make it safe prior to any production-related work commencing in this building. Sadly, during this process, the ceiling collapsed, resulting in the death of one of the contractor’s employees and injuries to two others. Everyone is in shock and sorrow and expresses their deepest concern and sympathy to the families of the individual who died and those who were injured.”


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