‘American Sniper’ Breaks Super Bowl Box Office Record

In yet another record breaking run, ‘American Sniper’ claimed the top spot at the weekend box office, breaking the record for the highest gross Super Bowl weekend. Despite another record, the film experienced a pretty significant drop compared to last week.

Also, ‘Project Almanac’ flopped while ‘Black or White’ missed the mark.

Check out my full box office analysis after the jump!

‘American Sniper’ pulled in an estimated $31.8 million this weekend which was good enough for a third consecutive weekend at #1. The film narrowly beat ‘Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour’ ($31.1) to become the highest grossing film over Super Bowl weekend. The film fell 51% compared to last weekend which indicates that either the film is losing its draw or the Super Bowl was able to steal away its audience. ‘American Sniper’ has now grossed $248.9 million, which places it as the 6th highest grossing film of 2014.

In second is ‘Paddington’ which is showing amazing longevity, easing only 31% in its third weekend to earn and estimated $8.51 million. ‘Paddington’ narrowly beat ‘Project Almanac’ who pulled in a terrible $8.5 million. In third place, the newly released film from Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes flopped, pulling in a fraction of comparable titles released during Super Bowl weekend. This dismal haul just shows even more that the found footage genre has lost its luster.

Newly released ‘Black or White’ pulled in a disappointing $6.46 million and ‘The Boy Next Door’ fell 59 percent to $6.09 million.

The top 12 pulled in $86.85 million which is up 22.6 percent from last year.


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