Gone Girl – Review

Based off of Gillian Flynn’s best selling novel, ‘Gone Girl’ gives new meaning to the word thriller.

I went into this movie with zero prior knowledge of what was going to happen but I knew that the book and movie are beloved my almost everyone. Now I see why! This chilling movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, featuring director David Fincher doing what he does best and an unnerving performance by Rosamund Pike.

‘Gone Girl’ will mess with your head from the very start, drawing each thought towards one question – Where is Amy?

Proceed with caution! This is an ending that you don’t want ruined!

The movie starts off a bit slow for my taste but quickly picks up pace, plunging the audience into a case that will consume your thoughts long after the movie has finished. The film is about Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) who mysteriously goes missing and her husband Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) becomes the main suspect in an investigation that isn’t quite what is seems. Several clues begin to unravel the story, leading Nick to discover that there is way more to Amy and her disappearance than there seems.

Ben Affleck’s performance in this film is kind of like every other one of his performances, good but nothing to marvel at. He plays confused husband very well. Rosamund Pike on the other hand, I-CON-IC!

Pike’s performance in this film is so chilling and smart that it isn’t too far fetched of an idea that she is playing herself. I’m determined not to give too much away because it would suck to have the ending ruined but her performance is so amazing! There are these flashback scenes that are narrated by Amy as she writes them down in her diary that really show off Pike’s acting chops. These scenes tend to contradict everything that Nick says and really confuses you, but in a good way. Rosamund Pike received an Oscar nomination for her performance in this film and it is one of my favorites that I have seen so far.

Also fun/weird fact, Amy reminds me of my Mom, but not in a psychopath sort of way but in a she could disappear without a trace because of all the crime shows she watches kind of way.

Another thing that makes this film great is having a director that specializes in psychological thrillers. David Fincher who helmed notable thrillers such as ‘Zodiac’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ really excels in this genre and has delivered perfection each and every time. I think that his adaptations of ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ are kind of similar because they both feature women that are kind of unhinged, someone is missing and the movie messes with you and keeps you guessing the entire time. Besides that though, both films are very dark and are elevated to a higher level by the performances by their leading ladies. Fincher’s direction, along with a screenplay written by the author, gave this film a level of depth and darkness that is entirely superior to most thrillers. It wasn’t cheesy and predictable like most thrillers, making the film transcend what is normally expected of these types of movies.

‘Gone Girl’ was only able to pick up one nomination at the Oscar which I am really disappointed by! I really thought that the film would be nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay!

I think the mark of a great book adaptation is whether or not you want to read the book immediately after you see the movie. Well, my order has been placed on Amazon and I fully intend to read the book and watch this incredible movie over and over!

4.5 Rating

I give ‘Gone Girl’ 4.5 out of 5 film reels.

‘Gone Girl’ was released on October 3, 2014 and stars Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens and Patrick Fugit. The film is directed by David Fincher.


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