Marvel Eyeing Dylan O’Brien & Logan Lerman for ‘Spider-Man’

Sony has begun thinking about who will be cast as Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movies, eyeing Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf & The Maze Runner) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson).

Sony and Marvel are looking to portray a very young Spider-Man in these films, so their age and appearance is important. Both actors are 23 and have proven they can pull of characters in high school with Logan Lerman in the Percy Jackson series and Dylan O’Brien in the MTV show, ‘Teen Wolf’.

Ultimately Sony has the final say according to the deal and fans shouldn’t consider this concrete proof that they are looking to cast one of these two actors. Reports also indicate that Peter Parker may not even be in these films and that Miles Morales will be Spider-Man. If this is the case, O’Brien and Lerman do not fit the bill because Morales is mixed race, African-American and Puerto Rican.

You can check out Spider-Man in his first Marvel outing in ‘Captain American: Civil War’ which should begin filming later this year and arrives in theaters on May 6, 2016.

‘Spider-Man’ comes to theaters July 28th, 2017. The film is directed by Marc Webb.


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