Hugh Jackman on the ‘Avengers’ & ‘Wolverine 3’

While doing press for his upcoming movie ‘Chappie’, Hugh Jackman talked about the possibility of Wolverine appearing in the ‘Avengers’ movies, and ‘Wolverine 3’.

After the news that Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe films under Disney, a lot of talk has turned toward the possibility of Fox allowing its X-Men properties appear in this films as well. Hugh Jackman recently spoke with MTV, telling them that he hopes that one day Wolverine appears in these movies.

“I like to think there’s that possibility for all of it, and I would even like to think more that it doesn’t happen out of necessity. When someone’s run it into the ground or something. I optimistically love the idea of, “What the hell, Batman versus Iron Man versus Wolverine!” Let’s just chuck ’em in. We’ll see what happens, but maybe as these things go on more and more they’ll want to and need to do all that stuff. I’m optimistic, I’d think it’d be great, but hey, it’s not my billions of dollars behind this promise. [laughs] It’s easy for us to speculate, “Why did they do that?!”

He also talked about the validity of Patrick Stewart’s claim that he also be in the upcoming ‘Wolverine 3’ film and what he thinks about the relationship between Wolverine and Professor Xavier.

“I’m not going to deny that he’s not…Let’s just say, I’d be thrilled if he was part of it because I think that relationship is key. It’s one of the keys. It was the key at the beginning and I think there’s a long way to go.”

Jackman also spoke about where the script for the movie is at this time and how much of the movie is inspired by a specific comic.

“It does draw on some comic book stuff. There are some things, but in typical fashion, sort of one main one with a few bits here and there and then opening it up. Jim [James Mangold] and I, we’ve been talking about it, he has a treatment. But I mean, we’re a way out from it so we’re in really good shape with it. I’m really, really excited about it.”

Check out the interview after the jump!


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