‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie Logo Revealed

The logo for the upcoming ‘Masters of the Universe’ movie was just revealed.

DeVon Franklin, senior vice president of Columbia and supporter of the upcoming film revealed the title card and logo for the film on Twitter.


Back in January, Franklin revealed that screenwriter Jeff Wadlow has completed a draft of the screenplay and that they are looking for a director. Rumor has it, the director for the project will be announced sometime this week.

‘Masters of the Universe’ is currently in development.


One thought on “‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie Logo Revealed”

  1. in 87 the original masters of the universe live action offering
    from cannon was an disaster resorting in poor box office records
    in history by fetching in an mediocre $22 million Dollars in box office
    ticket sales that was devastating for Golan and Globus next to other
    failures including superman iv that received heavy blasting from
    Richard Edlund that served as first unit effects director on masters
    of the universe claiming that the effects on superman iv was an mess
    and I hope this time they do it right and expect better from Sony
    pictures .

    Frankie Smales

    smales tv uk


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