‘Insurgent’ Lags Behind ‘Divergent’ on Friday with $21.3M

Early predictions placed ‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’ as earning as much as $60 million this weekend, beating ‘Divergent’s’ haul when it debuted this time last year. After estimates for Friday were reported, that no longer seems like the case and ‘Insurgent’ may earn less than its predecessor in its first weekend.

‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent’ earned an estimated $21.3 million on Friday. This is slightly down from ‘Divergent’s’ $22.8 million debut last year. If ‘Insurgent’ plays out like its predecessor, the movie should earn around $50 million for the weekend which would be down nearly $5 million from ‘Divergent’.

In its second weekend, Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ fell 59 percent, pulling in $9.53 million. This drop is in line with other Disney’ live action fairytales such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Maleficent’. ‘Cinderella’ should be able to conjure up a second weekend total of $35 million.

‘The Gunman’ looks poised to join the ranks of other 2015 box office flops after earning a dismal $1.77 million on Friday. Look for the Sean Penn action thriller to debut with around $4.5 million this weekend.

In fourth an fifth place, ‘Run All Night’ earned an estimated $1.4 million and ‘Kingsman’ earned $1.28 million.

Check back tomorrow for a full weekend box office run down.


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