I’m Baaack!


It feels good to be home!

I’m currently a college students and for those of you who know what that’s like, it has been crazy over the last two months! I had to Film Mention on the back burner in order to concentrate on school but now that the semester is over, I’m back in the game!

The hiatus also gave me some time to think about where I want to take the site and that included the name. The site will now be called Filmention! Reason:

  1. When most people say it, it comes out as one word.
  2. The domain is registered as filmention.com and I’m too cheap to buy another domain.
  3. Several of the social media sites and the gmail account are already done as Filmention.

Another thing that is going to change is that I’m going to be adding more personality into the posts! I’m taking a queue from some of my favorite blogs such as muumuse.com who provides amazing content with a personal touch.

I hope to continue where I left off and give all you the best content I can!



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