‘Jurassic World’ Smashes Box-Office Records with $180 million+ Weekend

Earlier this week, many projected that Jurassic World would earn somewhere in the ballpark of $125 million range for the weekend. After a massive $83 million haul on Friday, Jurassic World is now being projected to earn between $180-$200 million.

The prehistoric blockbuster will break the June record for the highest opening weekend of all-time. The previous record hold is Man of Steel who pulled in $116.6 million during its opening weekend in 2013. Jurassic World is also expected to become the third-largest opening weekend ever. The top two spots are currently held by The Avengers ($207 million) and The Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191 million).


This impressive display continues abroad where Jurassic World is pulling in huge numbers. The film is expected to earn $400 million at the international box-office with the film being released in almost ever major market. These international numbers have also pushed Universal Pictures Internation past the $2 billion mark, breaking 20th Century Fox’s record for the fastest to this number. With Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2, Fifty Shades of Grey and other major films this year, Universal is dominating this year. The studio still has the Minions and Ted 2 coming out as well so look for its numbers to only grow.


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